Dec 282015
The Infamous 51 Things I Learnt in 2015 Post - You Can Never Have Too Much Life

Every year I put together a mega post of 50, or maybe even 51, things that I have learnt during the year in business and in life. Here is the fifth year of this review and this time it is mostly business as there has been a particular business slant in the last twelve months, lots of work. Some of the things may be repeated from previous years, as yet I don’t know because when I am writing this I do […]

Nov 012014
10 Professions That Make Money Talking Total BS (And Mine)

Firstly, let me say sorry. I apologise if you are the exception that proves this rule. I consider myself to be the exception to number 11. However everything in this post is a truism in my experience. In general 90% or more of the people making money from the following professions are talking total BS most of the time. There are some professionals doing it right, some, but most are secretly scared of getting found out. The idea for this […]

Jun 112014
My Interview With Paul Kemp For The Entrepreneur Dad Podcast

I was interviewed recently by Paul Kemp for the Entrepreneur Dad podcast. It looks at my backstory and talks about what I do here in Spain with tons of information about coming to Spain, working in Spain, the book “Laptop Entrepreneur” which I wrote with Nick Snelling a couple of years ago, tips and tactics for working from home and mistakes made, schools in Spain, the Writers and Bloggers About Spain group, the Spanish Property Magazine for iPad, blog monetisation, […]

Feb 242014
Officially Blown Away... 2Cellos and AC/DC

If you have never heard AC/DC played on a couple of cellos then I wouldn’t be at all surprised. However as I write this there is a video on YouTube garnering more than 1 million views per day doing just that. It’s one of the few videos I have ever watched again and again and again from start to finish on YouTube as I generally am a grazer jumping from one video to another and one blog post to another. […]

Jan 102014
The Infamous "50 Things I Have Learnt in 2013" Post

Every year I write a 50 things I have learnt this year post. I say every year but for the last two years I have and this is the third time so it’s getting to every year. (You can see 2011 here and 2012 here (you will notice some repeats)) the last two years it was more work focussed, this time it’s more life, the universe and everything focussed. Some things I learnt myself, some things I learnt […]

Oct 222013
The Whole Political Class Is Now Taking The Piss In Spain

Time for a rant 🙂 or maybe even a hatchet job. I wrote an article some time ago that was really well received called “The PP and Their Taking The Piss Department“. It detailed how there is a cabal of people making the politicians of their party say the most ridiculous things and see if everyone in Spain will swallow it. Well it seems the other political parties’ representatives and people in public life have decided to join in the […]

Sep 262013
Why Spain Is Totally Uncompetitive - Example 496: Correos

Have you ever wondered why certain things don’t work in Spain in the same way they do in other countries? I wonder about things like this all the time because this seems to be a dichotomy between things that are cheap in Spain and things that are expensive in Spain. There seems to be no middle ground in many cases and also very little competition. We all know for example that Spain has the most expensive electricity in Europe whilst […]

Jul 302013
I Wanted To Write A Parody... I Really Did

I wanted to write a parody, I really did. I wanted to write another “The PP and Their Taking the Piss Department” that was so well received the last time, I really did. I wanted to make you all smirk with laughter, recognition and in-jokes at the expense of our glorious leader Rajoy and his cohorts (The only prime minister in history who can make Zapatero look like a model of efficiency, openness and intelligence), I really did want to […]

Jul 142013
It Has Been A Month And I Feel A Lot Better

Sometimes you just need to step back and clear the decks to allow good things to happen. It has been a month now since I stepped back and not only have good things started to happen even more than before but I feel a lot less stressed about everything. What did I step back from? Well, before we get to that just to let you know what I do. I work hard, I run and participate in online groups, I […]

So What Do You Use Twitter for?

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Jan 262013
So What Do You Use Twitter for?

I have just written a guest post for Birds on the Blog about how I use Twitter and why I will continue to use it despite the rise of Google+ and the preeminence of Facebook. It is called “Riots, Michael Jackson, Tripoli and Indignados”