Nov 112015
WABAS15 in Antequera - My Annual Brain Refresh

Last weekend the fourth annual Writers and Bloggers About Spain conference, #WABAS15, took place in Antequera. Where, I hear you asking? Antequera! It’s a lovely place nestled in the hills above Malaga currently looking to become a World heritage site but more of that later. This is something I started four years ago after a couple of years of existence of the group on Facebook as a response to the ridiculously negative press Spain was getting at the time from misinformed journalists, (Yes, I […]

Nov 122013
I Love Doing Awesome Stuff #WABAS2013

Sometimes you have to do something that is different and something that could be considered awesome. So last week I went to Malaga. Some people would say that is not awesome but I was there for a reason, a very good reason, #WABAS2013. WABAS2013 was the second time that the members of the Writers and Bloggers about Spain group on Facebook had met up together to have a meeting. The first in Valencia last year was extremely successful and this […]