Dec 282015
The Infamous 51 Things I Learnt in 2015 Post - You Can Never Have Too Much Life

Every year I put together a mega post of 50, or maybe even 51, things that I have learnt during the year in business and in life. Here is the fifth year of this review and this time it is mostly business as there has been a particular business slant in the last twelve months, lots of work. Some of the things may be repeated from previous years, as yet I don’t know because when I am writing this I do […]

Dec 272014
The Infamous 51 Things I Learnt in 2014 Post

Every year I learn new stuff, everyone does, or rather should do, however not everyone lays it bare and tells others what they have learnt. I have done it three times now, I focussed on property in 2011 and you can see it here. In 2012 it was more general and you can take a look here and then repeated the dose with a much more personal and introspective one in 2013 which you can view here. So this year it is back for […]

Jun 112014
My Interview With Paul Kemp For The Entrepreneur Dad Podcast

I was interviewed recently by Paul Kemp for the Entrepreneur Dad podcast. It looks at my backstory and talks about what I do here in Spain with tons of information about coming to Spain, working in Spain, the book “Laptop Entrepreneur” which I wrote with Nick Snelling a couple of years ago, tips and tactics for working from home and mistakes made, schools in Spain, the Writers and Bloggers About Spain group, the Spanish Property Magazine for iPad, blog monetisation, […]

Nov 302013

Today I was 47. That’s not actually true. It was yesterday now because it’s after midnight and I wasn’t really 47 because the act of being 47 doesn’t define me. Other things do. So what did I discover on “being 47”? 1) It’s just another number of course. There is no real physical difference between being 46 and 47. OK maybe a few million more brain cells have disappeared never to return and I have taken one more step along […]

Nov 122013
I Love Doing Awesome Stuff #WABAS2013

Sometimes you have to do something that is different and something that could be considered awesome. So last week I went to Malaga. Some people would say that is not awesome but I was there for a reason, a very good reason, #WABAS2013. WABAS2013 was the second time that the members of the Writers and Bloggers about Spain group on Facebook had met up together to have a meeting. The first in Valencia last year was extremely successful and this […]

Jan 262013
Upside Down and Inside Out Thinking - The Battle For Spanish Society Part Three

The new labour laws in Spain were quickly hurried through Parliament last Friday. In effect the major point of them is that they make it easier to get rid of employees as you no longer need to pay them so much to sack them.

As a measure to reduce unemployment does that seem sound to you? If the only thing that has stopped companies sacking people was the fact that it is extremely expensive to do so then making it cheaper and easier short term can only do one thing: Increase Spain’s already unsustainable 23% unemployment rate even more and even faster!

Jan 142013
Progress on The Bootstrapping Book and an Interview

As you will know if you have been following the blog I am co-writing a book at the moment. Tentatively called “The Bootstrapping Book – How to start up a business from nothing” (Catchy title I know) it comprises ten chapters with various ideas for getting started in your own business without having to buy stock, rent a place to conduct your business or, in essence, put money down.

Jan 142013
You Are Not Alone

The Spanish 30DCHome crew had a meeting this weekend. We talked, discussed, brainstormed and more and out of it has come a solid plan which will be presented on Tuesday. Already got a lot of actionable steps to take in the next few days and we feel that the whole could be a lot greater than the sum of its parts.

When A Post Goes Viral. "The Battle For Spanish Society" (Part Deux)

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Jul 232012
When A Post Goes Viral. "The Battle For Spanish Society" (Part Deux)

I wrote a post on here last week called “The Battle For Spanish Society” it was a slow burner but got a good initial reaction. Then after a few days it sort of went viral. Not in a big way you understand, just that everyone started sharing it and commenting on it on various social networks. The debate thus started I am able to stand back and see how the opinions start coming in and changing the format of the debate over time.

Jun 252012
Pitch Anything - A Book Review

I have just reviewed Pitch Anything by Oren Klaff for the blog where I write regularly Blokes on the Blog. As an entrepreneur, businessperson or whatever you are you should really read this book. Take a look at my review and make some comments. It is a seriously helpful book if you get to understand the concept of frames.