Nov 112014
I Blame Dunbobbin (The Perfect Antimentor)

I Blame Dunbobbin (But I Cannot Remember His First Name) The first real mentor I had in life was called Mr Dunbobbin, I was 18 so he was Mr Dunbobbin. He was the perfect mentor as he embodied everything I didn’t want to do and didn’t want to become. He was more a sort of a perfect antimentor I was working in a factory, in the offices as opposed to the shop floor as an apprentice accountant. Yes… an accountant, me…. […]

Apr 042011
Subconscious Lifestyle Design From An Early Age

I was reading a post on Lifestyle Design for You from my online mate Gordie Rogers the other day and it got me thinking. His question was whether Lifestyle Design was dead. If you are not sure what lifestyle design is by now then read on. The comments and debate were interesting because Lifestyle Design has been described, erroneously in my opinion, as a hedonistic pursuit of self gratification for young single people. Read his post and comments for more as you can find the link below in the related reading section.