Nov 012014
10 Professions That Make Money Talking Total BS (And Mine)

Firstly, let me say sorry. I apologise if you are the exception that proves this rule. I consider myself to be the exception to number 11. However everything in this post is a truism in my experience. In general 90% or more of the people making money from the following professions are talking total BS most of the time. There are some professionals doing it right, some, but most are secretly scared of getting found out. The idea for this […]

Flogging A Dead Horse and Picking The Right Path

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Apr 222012
Flogging A Dead Horse and Picking The Right Path

Just before starting this rant I really want to emphasise something, I am not talking about me here, I am just not. However I will use some of my experience with one particular project (Which shall remain nameless) to tell you when it’s time to call it a day.

I see so many people flogging a dead horse online these days that sometimes I just want to scream at them “Just give it up” However I do want to emphasise one thing here, this should not be done if you haven’t really followed through. Lots of people give up just before they would have struck gold because they haven’t really done everything, they just haven’t dug deep down into the niche and milked it for everything it might well be worth. Lots of people choose the wrong path.