Dec 272014
The Infamous 51 Things I Learnt in 2014 Post

Every year I learn new stuff, everyone does, or rather should do, however not everyone lays it bare and tells others what they have learnt. I have done it three times now, I focussed on property in 2011 and you can see it here. In 2012 it was more general and you can take a look here and then repeated the dose with a much more personal and introspective one in 2013 which you can view here. So this year it is back for […]

How to Lose An Estate Agency Client By An Untypical Estate Agent

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Dec 122014
How to Lose An Estate Agency Client By An Untypical Estate Agent

You will have heard of 50 ways to leave your lover the Paul Simon song right? This post is slightly different to that, it’s ten ways to lose your client as an estate agent. Luckily for me I have no worries about the clients I lost because of my big mouth and actions over the years. Working in property for so long I have sold a lot of houses to a lot of people, made a lot of friends, had […]

Jan 262013
A Weekend Away

Last week was really hectic getting ready to go to the UK for the Challenge Conference in London. Once I got there of course the weekend flew by so just some very quick thoughts on travelling, conferences and clocks as I am trying to catch up with a lot of stuff.

Jan 112013
Dia de la Persona Emprendedora en Valencia

I am currently at the #dpecv at Feria Valencia. If you want to know more about what is going on then follow me on Twitter at @e_solo or @grahunt. I will update this blog tonight when finished here. I have been harsh on Spanish entrepreneurs in the past but it is good to see so far today loads of people and ideas and what looks like a younger generation coming through that don’t want to stick with traditional working lives. However if you watch the video you will find a kicker at the end. All is not as it seems.

Aug 082012
Getting Out And About

My chair is beginning to get worn out. I spend too much time on it. I have a workchair in the living room for when nobody is in the house and I won’t be disturbed. It means my back is to the window and the World, as represented by my garden, is passing me by. I can be six hours at a time in the chair if I allow myself of course.