The Awesome 50 Things I Learnt This Year Post (Year 6)

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Dec 282016
The Awesome 50 Things I Learnt This Year Post (Year 6)

Every year I do this. I do a list of 50 things that I have learnt in the year. 2016 has been no different, well actually it has been very different, outside of my sphere of influence it has been a horrible year but within what I control it has been quite good (maybe I should just control everything mwahahaha) Therefore, my list remains an end of year constant. And remember one thing, I never look back at the previous […]

Dec 272014
The Infamous 51 Things I Learnt in 2014 Post

Every year I learn new stuff, everyone does, or rather should do, however not everyone lays it bare and tells others what they have learnt. I have done it three times now, I focussed on property in 2011 and you can see it here. In 2012 it was more general and you can take a look here and then repeated the dose with a much more personal and introspective one in 2013 which you can view here. So this year it is back for […]

How to Lose An Estate Agency Client By An Untypical Estate Agent

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Dec 122014
How to Lose An Estate Agency Client By An Untypical Estate Agent

You will have heard of 50 ways to leave your lover the Paul Simon song right? This post is slightly different to that, it’s ten ways to lose your client as an estate agent. Luckily for me I have no worries about the clients I lost because of my big mouth and actions over the years. Working in property for so long I have sold a lot of houses to a lot of people, made a lot of friends, had […]

Jun 112014
My Interview With Paul Kemp For The Entrepreneur Dad Podcast

I was interviewed recently by Paul Kemp for the Entrepreneur Dad podcast. It looks at my backstory and talks about what I do here in Spain with tons of information about coming to Spain, working in Spain, the book “Laptop Entrepreneur” which I wrote with Nick Snelling a couple of years ago, tips and tactics for working from home and mistakes made, schools in Spain, the Writers and Bloggers About Spain group, the Spanish Property Magazine for iPad, blog monetisation, […]

Aug 032013
Would You Like To Have Your Own Magazine?

It is now a year since I brought out the first Spanish Property Magazine for iPad (The anniversary edition is out this week and you can download it here and as you are reading this I will even give you a three month coupon code for it. Install the app from the link, click on the yellow “subscribe” button then click “current subscribers” and copy this into the box that appears: 3MonthSPM) Hey let’s celebrate! Well, I was in a group […]

Where Am I? Busy As Always

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Sep 082012
Where Am I? Busy As Always

The blog has been neglected recently as I have been elsewhere, writing elsewhere that is. I haven’t put up much new stuff here recently because I am finding that a lot of the things I am writing about are not massively relevant for this blog. However I will still be producing stuff for this blog in the future. I have a few follow ups for the “Battle For Spanish Society” trilogy coming up although unlike Star Wars they will not be prequels, they will be concrete steps that the country needs to take to get out of the hole where it finds itself at the moment.

Gone Fishing In The Wrong Pond

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Jun 222012
Gone Fishing In The Wrong Pond

The last five months have been rather hectic in my property businesses, Valencia Property and Houses for Sale in Spain. While the Spanish economy burns around me and I have been asked many times by other agents how are you doing it? How are you so busy and making sales while we are sat around wondering when the next client will walk in through the door? About 80% of Spanish Estate agents have closed down and more are closing on a weekly basis as the harsh reality of a market that has contracted greatly since the boom days of the early 2000’s were around. To answer this we need to go back to the Pareto Principle I talked about here and look at the 80/20 rule again.

Sticky: This Is My Base

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Feb 202012
This Is My Base

If you want to know anything about what I do and what I may be able to do for you then take a look at all of the links above and look through this and my other sites. I have been living in Spain for over half of my life for better, for worse and for good. If you need to know anything related to Spain give me a shout and I may be able to help you out. I […]

The Laptop Entrepreneur and The Crisis

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Feb 082012
The Laptop Entrepreneur and The Crisis

Just in case you haven’t noticed, I think a few people may have mentioned it, but there are others living in denial or in some cloud somewhere, there is a World Economic Crisis going on right now. Surprised? You may have heard something about it, the Eurozone crisis, the credit crunch, companies falling like ninepins, even Kodak went recently… Yes there is a crisis going on. We are in a period of flux and change and that is certain.

However out of crisis comes opportunity. If you know how to work the crisis.