Dec 272014
The Infamous 51 Things I Learnt in 2014 Post

Every year I learn new stuff, everyone does, or rather should do, however not everyone lays it bare and tells others what they have learnt. I have done it three times now, I focussed on property in 2011 and you can see it here. In 2012 it was more general and you can take a look here and then repeated the dose with a much more personal and introspective one in 2013 which you can view here. So this year it is back for […]

Jan 102014
The Infamous "50 Things I Have Learnt in 2013" Post

Every year I write a 50 things I have learnt this year post. I say every year but for the last two years I have and this is the third time so it’s getting to every year. (You can see 2011 here and 2012 here (you will notice some repeats)) the last two years it was more work focussed, this time it’s more life, the universe and everything focussed. Some things I learnt myself, some things I learnt […]

May 132013
We Have Just Done Something Awesome

Now I know you are saying “But Graham, you do something awesome every day don’t you?” Maybe, maybe not. However I have just spent an intense week thinking up and developing ideas with a group of extremely talented people. The process shall remain secret for now until it is unleashed on the world but suffice to say we have discovered some home truths this week while doing it. The Basics Are As Follows: One week 11 people 385 ideas 1) […]